2013 Turkey Shootout

Turkey ShootoutThere were 40 participants in the 2013 WPTC Turkey Shootout, played November 25th-26th.

For this round robin event, Greg attached a turkey target to each of the screens on both sides of the court. If you or your partner hit a turkey, you automatically won the game, so there were lots of hard-hit overheads! Competitors received a different partner each round and played six games total of no-add scoring. Once all of the points were totaled up from each round, the top four point leaders competed for the title.

The 2013 Turkey Shootout winners were:

Series 5.5a – 4.0d Mike Wilkins / James White  defeated  Andy McCausland / Craig Randall
Series 4.0e – 2.0a John Swierk / Michael Holt defeated  Eric Walker / Matt Passen