Men’s Open Play

Men's Paddle Pic CroppedOpen play is a great way to meet fellow WPTC members while competing against players at various levels.  All members are encouraged to participate in open play.   Open play is every Saturday morning from 7-10 am and select Sunday evenings from 7-10:00 pm.  Due to high demand, we have split Open Play on Saturdays into two 90-minute sessions and we use Signup Genius every week to make sure we don’t go overcapacity.

Once at the courts, players will pair up with one another and begin play.  On Saturdays, our assistant pro Mike Benson ( will be there to assist new players and make sure players are matched up against players with a similar skill level, and to provide guidance on strategy, shot selection and tactics.  On Sunday evenings, Greg O’Neil will be roaming the courts  to supervise play, assist new players and give basic tips on positioning, shot selection, strategy and tactics.  Members do not pay a fee for open play.