Men’s Rules & Regulations

The WPTC (Winnetka Platform Tennis Club) is a private, member’s only club. The following rules apply to all members and will be enforced as necessary by the WPTC Board. Only WPTC members, whose dues are fully paid, may play on a team.

Note – The WPTC is a distinct organization from the Winnetka Park District (WPD) and the WPTC rents court time from the WPD which has agreed to maintain the courts.

Team Membership Requirements and Membership Clarifications

A. Be a Winnetka Platform Tennis Club (WPTC) Member, as a resident or non resident of Winnetka.

B. Declare your intention to play in the upcoming season to a Captain or Coordinator by the start of the new season.

C. Pay full individual club dues no later than September 30th of the season year. If you don’t know who your captain is or which team you will be playing on, contact one of the men’s coordinators:

D. If club dues are not fully paid by September 30th, the WPTC has the right to remove the non-paying player from the WPTC team roster and the CPTC web site.

E. A member will not be allowed to play in a league match if he has not paid his club dues as stated above, nor will he be allowed to enjoy court privileges or any other benefits of the WPTC membership.

F. WPTC members have to abide by all CPTC (Chicago Platform Tennis Charities) rules as published on the CPTC web site located at under the Rules tab at the top of the page.

G. There are no discounts, reduced memberships or free memberships offered to any individuals (i.e.; park district employee or any playing pro).

H. Membership Fees: $750

I. Guest Policy – A member may bring up to 3 guests to play with him/her on one court and not incur guest fees. If two courts are reserved, at least 2 WPTC members must be playing. 3 members for 3 courts, and so on. This policy applies during day use only. Friday and Saturday evenings are for party reservations only.